Saturday, March 24, 2012

Valentine's Camping

 I took Dan and Roxy Camping in Charleston, SC for Valentine's Day/Dan's Birthday.  This is the second time we have vacated to this campsite, but a first for outdoor lodging. My co-workers called it lodging, not camping, as our room was equiped with a TV, bath, fridge, microwave, two rooms and heating and air-conditioner. Thankfully it did, after the rain and 28degree nights we had.

On this trip we toured Charleston as usual. We made a day out of viewing the Yorktown and then took a ferry to Fort Sumter.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


One week out of my PRK surgery. Getting used to my eyes. Will be backlogging some fun events here in Beaufort, SC soon.

Had my first Official Uniform Inspection this morning and got and OUTSTANDING! Dan and I are very excited about that.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beaufort Updates: Pat, Sarah and Elliana visit

Dan and I were so excited to have Sarah, Pat and EJ visit us here in Beaufort.  

Look how big Elliana is!

Sarah squared.

Look at that smile! Allowing a child to play in a puddle after a quick SC rain shower is worth the outfit change. 

Beaufort Updates: Wine tasting and Firefly distillery

As always, my wonderful husband Dan...also my DD. 

My friend Joel,

and myself, went to Irving Hill winery and Firefly vodka distillery in Charlseton, SC for some tasting.

Beaufort Updates: Another day at Hunting Island Beach

Another day at the beach. This was right after Hurricaine Irene came through. Lots of down palm trees and sea shells in the sand, churned up water with clear skies. 

Roxy came with us this time again, got some good swim time in.

When she started to get tired, but still wanted to go in, we put on her life preserver. Wouldn't you know there is a handle on the back of it. I could carry her around like she was a new purse. 

Just like she did in the back yard at our old house in Bethlehem when we laid out, right under the chair she goes.

Roxy figured out that she could dig a spot for her head in the sand under my chair. Nevermind the two big beach umbrellas that we bought for shade. 

Beaufort Updates: Party night

Night out with Eric at Panini's.

Beaufort updates; Jackie's visit

So a lot has happenned in the past couple of months. My friend Jackie came down to visit. She was our second guest in our home here in Beaufort.  

Jackie drove 13 hours straight after a full 12 hour shift at work to come and visit us for the weekend. We visited downtown Beaufort and ate dinner at the Wren for the first time. (Very good food, great white sangrias too!)

We shopped in Savannah, GA all day long on Saturday along the riverfront. We stopped by a Vespa dealer and I fell in love with a scooter that I will never buy.  

We layed out at Hunting Island beach on Sunday. Saw and touched my first sand shark that day.

Thank you for visiting us Jackie! See you soon.